Why You Should Smile


Did you Know Smiling Every Day is Good for You?

It’s been said that “laughter is the best medicine” so it follows that a smile can do wonders for your health as well. Research has shown that smiling benefits not just your emotional and physical wellbeing, but also improves the mood of those around you.

This blog post will explore why smiling every day is good for you!

Smiling Makes You More Attractive 

You’ll have a difficult time convincing anyone that you don’t know how to smile. A big grin is a perfect way to ensure others feel comfortable around you. Sure, your type might be more smoky-eyed and moody – but it’s hard not to notice when someone flashes their pearly whites! Facial expressions play an important role in interactions between people: so make sure yours are always welcoming by smiling often!

Relieves Stress 

Whether you’re feeling happy or sad, the easiest way to lift your mood is with a smile. There are some reasons why this might seem like common sense; it’s much easier for us to put on a smile when we have something fun happening than if we feel bad! But did you know that smiling itself can act as an instant stress reliever? Our body gets so used to sending “joy = smile” signals that even just putting on a fake one will trick our bodies into releasing serotonin and dopamine which help elevate our moods.

It’s Contagious 

There’s a reason why the expression “a smile that lights up the room” exist. It’s because, much like yawning, smiling is contagious! That’s why we say we’ve “caught” the giggles or can’t help but smile when seeing someone laugh really hard at something funny. Being this guy who walks into a crowded room and has everyone feeling good about themselves? There’s nothing better than being able to do that for people you care about around you!

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Keeps Your Positive 

There’s a reason why the expression “a smile that lights up the room” exist. You know, much like yawning, smiling is contagious! That’s probably because it boosts serotonin levels in your brain and makes you feel better not only physically but emotionally as well. So next time someone tells a joke or something funny happens to make them laugh – don’t be afraid of catching their giggles too!

So with That – There are No Excuses to Not Smile! 

We understand that losing confidence in your smile because of problems with your teeth is a hard spot to be in. If you think we can help put the smile back on your face, then please don’t hesitate to get in touch! Whether it’s dental implants or porcelain veneers, our team has helped countless patients like yourself find relief and regain their smiles. The Tooth Spa strives for perfection every time – contact us today for more information about how we can help!


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