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Here at The Tooth Spa, we pride ourselves on being one of the longest standing dental practices that offers dental hygienist services in Leeds and the surrounding areas. Home to a team of experienced dental and clinic hygienists, including dental nurses and dental therapists, we can provide a range of dental care to make sure all our patients have a healthy mouth, teeth, and gums. 

There’s no need to consider another dentist, The Tooth Spa have you covered! Simply call our team today to book in with our dental hygienist.

Our appointments are available throughout the week and we also offer a dental hygienist services on a Saturday. So if you’re based in the Leeds area and are looking for an dental hygienist practice, make sure that you get in touch with The Tooth Spa today.

We offer a bookable hygienist service 6 days a week, there’s no need to consider another dental practice, The Tooth Spa, will ensure a effective and efficient appointment.

We take a look at medical and dental histories to set you up with a good oral hygiene routine to give you a healthy smile and provide a range of treatments to help eliminate tooth decay. Have a little one who hasn’t quite gotten their adult teeth yet? Dental health is just as important in children as it is in adults, which is why we offer a dental check to children under 5 for FREE with an adult customer!

Emergency Dental Clinic Leeds

Saturday Hygienist Appointments in Leeds

We have a professional dental hygienist team who have undergone extensive training and have years of industry experience between them. Over the years, we have dealt with a range of dental situations including problems and will aim to resolve any issues that you may have on the very same day to restore your oral health.

The oral hygiene service and treatment that we provide includes professionally cleaning your teeth, this is also referred to as a scale and polish. Another area we cover is helping and showing our patients how they can keep their teeth free of plaque. Dental hygienists also have a role in treating gum disease.

Professional Oral Hygienist Appointments

At The Tooth Spa our skilled and friendly team use state of the art technology to make sure that you receive the best possible care and service. We provide our hygienist services in a caring environment and we always put the needs of our patients first. You can trust that you’re in the right hands with The Tooth Spa as we ensure our dental team undergo all of the necessary training courses and are up to date with the current dental research and development, we make sure that we always do our most when it comes to professional care for your teeth.

Why visit our dental hygienist?

At The Tooth Spa in Leeds we believe that prevention is better than a cure and all of our hygienist clinicians advise patients to visit regularly as part of a preventative treatment plan. Here are some of the main reasons why you should make an appointment with the hygienist…

  • Oral health advice – tailored to each patient’s requirements with extensive periodontal therapy. This includes the scaling of your teeth as well as the plaque and tartar which extends below the gum-line. This is essential for those with gum (peritoneal) disease.
  • Prevent disease – our professional hygienists are adept at using the latest UltraSonic scalers and instruments used in preventing, stabilising and treating gum disease. Prevention will mean less treatment and less costs for you.
  • Prevent bad breath – bad breath is often caused by gum disease, regular scaling by your hygienist can prevent this along with diet advice.
  • Remove tooth staining – this may have been caused by smoking and drinking tea, coffee and wine.

What can our dental hygienists do for you?

At The Tooth Spa our dental hygienists are specially trained to provide hygienist services within the dental team. Our clinical hygienists play an essential role in the dental healthcare of our patients and help to prevent dental disease through individual oral instruction to patients.

Our Leeds based clinical hygienist team will assist with…

  • Help you to keep your teeth meticulously clean
  • Personal advice on your oral hygiene needs
  • Work in partnership with you to help you keep your teeth for life

Why do I need to see a dental hygienist?

When it comes to dental hygiene preventative care is essential, it’s a very important feature at our practice and helps to prevent a range of dental problems before any big issues occur. This means less treatments and costs for you, research has shown there are a range of benefits associated with regular oral care.

At The Tooth Spa you’ll experience all of the benefits of a designated Dental Hygienist Surgery, which is staffed by our highly qualified dental hygienist. Our hygienist will scale your teeth and remove plaque, tartar and toxins from root surfaces. Most importantly the hygienist will give you expert advice on how to keep your mouth healthy, at The Tooth Spa we strongly recommend that you visit the hygienist as an essential and preventative program that will help preserve your teeth and their health.

Gum Disease

Gum disease affects the gums and bone surrounding the teeth, most people are often unaware of this problem as gum disease rarely hurts or leaves discomfort. During the advanced stages of the disease you will start to feel pain and it can also lead to abscesses and loose teeth. The buildup of plaque on teeth is the first cause of gum disease and its accumulation is also very common.

Periodontal disease affects the teeth as well as the surrounding gum and bone, most people who have periodontal disease aren’t aware of it. It’s often not painful, especially in the early stages, however bleeding is a sign of infection. Gum disease can be detected through measurements with gum health probes, at The Tooth Spa we recommend that you see us for regularly hygienist check ups, usually within 6 months.

Gum disease tends to be related to meticulous cleaning, a qualified oral hygienist will be able to go through routine instructions on tooth brushing. This will include which toothpaste to use, cleaning between teeth and other specific problem areas along with professional cleaning, antibiotic and antiseptic use and aids. Sometimes tissue regeneration technology is used but this treatment isn’t one that can be used on those who smoke.

Cleaner Teeth

Once you’ve been examined by a dentist for your oral health, you can book an appointment with our hygienists, and they can provide you with a further health check, clean and polish. Regular appointments with a dental hygienist will help to improve your confidence through having a cleaner and fresher mouth.

Reducing Dental Costs

As mentioned before, maintaining your oral health through regular oral hygienist appointments and cleaning and polishing of your teeth will reduce the need for expensive dental work and treatments in the long run, saving you money on dental fees.

Deep Cleaning

If you find that you have heavily stained teeth, this could be from smoking, your diet or consumption of red wine, tea and coffee, then seeing our hygienist can help. We provide a deep cleaning service that’s highly effective when it comes to removing teeth staining and helping to whiten them.

The Benefits of Dental Hygienist Services

    • Hygienists are experts when it comes to cleaning and polishing your teeth.
    • Gum disease can be treated with progressive gum treatments.
    • Regular visits can reduce the risk of needing expensive dental treatment.
    • Professional cleaning can help to improve your ‘smile’ confidence.
    • Deep cleaning is available to remove tooth stains.

We have been operating as an emergency dental practice in Leeds for a number of years. and at The Tooth Spa, we understand not everyone can visit a dentist in normal hours which is why we provide evening and weekend dental hygienist appointments. Here are some more of the reasons why you should choose The Tooth Spa…

  • Well-established dental practice
  • Open on Saturdays for general hygienist appointments
  • Well-known reputation
  • Team of fully trained and highly skilled dentists and clinical hygienists
  • Affordable dental treatments

For a Dental Hygienist in Leeds, contact The Tooth Spa today

Should you require a oral hygienist in Leeds, look no further, contact The Tooth Spa today and book your appointment. We also provide evening and Saturday appointments, for more information, call The Tooth Spa today. We also provide a range of other treatments, including dental fillings, braces, anti-snoring tools, dental veneers, crowns, and more!


Yes, while dentists can provide hygienist services, a clinical dental hygienist is an expert in the area. An effective clean will take time and even though some people will have good oral hygiene and only need a simple clean from a dentist, others may need a more thorough service.

At The Tooth Spa, our dental hygienists are professionals when it comes to removing plaque and tartar, this combined with oral hygiene instructions will allow you to have the knowledge to be able to look after your teeth and gums properly at home, this will help you maintain a healthy mouth. A clean and healthy mouth can also reduce the requirement for dental treatment as well as help prevent bad breath and improve your confidence and reduce embarrassment.

It’s recommended that you see a hygienist at least twice a year, however, some patients need more frequent appointments, so this can depend. In some cases it could be every 8 weeks or every 3 months, but the norm tends to be within every 6 months.

Professional teeth cleaning from a certified dental hygienist will involve removing plaque and tartar stains from your teeth. It will also remove bacteria found in plaque which tends to be the main cause of gum disease and tooth decay.

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