Why Choose a Private Dentist?


In the UK, the NHS provides subsidised or free dental care services for legal residents, but many people choose to pay for private dentistry. NHS dentistry is subsidised by the government and is less expensive than private dental care, however there are some limitations when it comes to NHS dental treatments…

  • Not all treatments are covered under NHS dentistry
    • It is focused around dental health and functionality, no aesthetics
    • The most common treatments include checkups, fillings, crowns and dentures.
  • With many time and budget constraints in the NHS
    • Care will focus on fixing current problems rather than more long term issues as well as a less preventative view.
    • More cost-effective materials and laboratories tend to be used for NHS work
    • Government imposes limits on the amount of NHS treatments that each practice can provide each year.
  • There’s a limited number of appointments on the NHS, especially in certain geographical; areas.


Why Consider a Private Dental Practice?

Here are just some of the reasons why you should choose a private dentist…

The selection of care and services – Private dentists tend to have a much broader range of options when it comes to dental services and care.

Preventative care – The emphasis in private dentistry isn’t just to fix current problems, but also consider the patients long term oral health.

Quality materials – Private dentists tend to have access to a greater range of materials.

Latest equipment & technology – A private practice is more likely to invest in the latest technology for diagnostics and providing treatments.

Appointment availability – NHS dentists are limited and some patients may need to travel miles to find an NHS dental appointment, with a private dentist, it’s much easier to book an appointment with a private dentist.

Speed and appointment time – One of the main advantages is that private dentists tend to be more efficient, readily available and offer services with shorter waiting times.

Flexible – NHS provision tends to be 9am to 5pm but private practices often offer out of hours appointments including morning, lunchtime, evening and weekend appointments.

Choice – Private dental surgeries tend to have a team of dentists and a choice as to who you see, this is great for those that might, for personal reasons, prefer a female dentist or one who knows their history.

Quality – Private dental care also means longer appointment times so the dentist can fully assess oral and dental health as well as provide preventative care/advice alongside any restoration needed.

Aesthetics – For those who are interested in aesthetics and cosmetic treatments like whitening, or invisible braces, they will need to find a private practice, as these aren’t available on the NHS.


Why choose The Tooth Spa?

At The Tooth Spa in Leeds, we’re a top quality dental practice that you can afford, we offer a full professional dental clinic, our private dentistry services include dental hygienist, out of hours and emergency dental care, as well as clear braces. We have both evening and weekend appointments as well as covering bank holidays for emergency dental problems. Private dental hygiene is an area where everyone is looking for the best services in every sense of the word and that’s exactly what The Tooth Spa aims to deliver.

For more information on our private dentistry services, call our team today.

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