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At The Tooth Spa, we’re proud to offer emergency dental treatments and checkups to patients in Leeds and throughout the surrounding areas. From dental fillings to root canals, we’re here to take care of all your dental needs.

Having offered our treatments across Leeds for many years now, we have developed an outstanding reputation both for the quality of our treatments and the care we have for our patients. No matter if you’re coming to us for a checkup or for emergency treatment, we’re here to work with you to ensure the best service possible.

Our Treatments

We offer a wide range of dental treatments. So, regardless of why you’re visiting our dental practice, we’re confident in saying that we will be able to help with all of your dental needs. Our treatments include:

Should you like to know more about any of these treatments or how we can help you, then please waste no time and be sure to get in touch. Upon doing so, we will be happy to discuss our treatments and your options to help discover which is required to help you with your dental needs.

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What Makes Us Different?

  • We have a ground floor practice, meaning everything is on one level when you come to visit us
  • We have disabled facilities
  • We cater for nervous patients
  • We have free parking available
  • Every new private patient gets a free initial examination for those under 12′

What We Check For During An Examination

  1. Oral Cancer—as part of the examination we check for any signs of oral cancer.
  2. Ulcers and other problems—we look for ulcers and issues with the lips, cheeks, tongue and soft tissues.
  3. Jaw Joint
  4. Muscles—muscles controlling the movement of the jaw
  5. Tooth wear—including acid erosion, grinding and over brushing
  6. The Biting Position of the teeth
  7. Gum Assessment—we look at the health of the gums
  8. Individual Teeth—we assess individual teeth for health, decay, fractures and existing fillings
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Contact The Tooth Spa For Dental Treatment in Leeds

For all dental work and treatment in Leeds, be sure to choose our experienced dentists at The Tooth Spa. Our experts have been providing dental treatment to patients in Leeds for many years now, so no matter the kind of treatment you require, we’re more than confident in saying that we can help. Contact us today to book your appointment.

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